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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hanika Hot photos


When it comes to architecture, you will find that it is a science or even an art. You will want to keep in mind that designing and planning is just half of the wonder when it comes to putting a town together or working on the local surroundings.

There are some people who specialize in just architecture and that is known as being an architect. Architecture has played a key part of our entire worlds history. For wherever there have been buildings or structures that were safe for inhabiting, there has been some sort of architecture.

When it comes to architecture, you will find that it all begins with imagination and then it is created to be functional, educational, useful, and even fun. From the smallest 1 bedroom home to the grandest palace or biggest cathedral, every structure is based on some form of architecture.

Overtime architecture tends to change with time and design. You will find that there are many eras of architectural design as well. Each era has its own style of architecture, from Baroque, Greco-Roman, Art Deco, Victorian to American Colonial, Prairie, and Bauhaus. Lines, materials, structure and symbolism all contribute to the different styles of architecture.

Architecture styles can be anywhere from subtle to garish and materials vary from lumber to limestone. When it comes to the earlier designs you will find that they are made from local and natural materials and they are also materials that are bountiful.

In Greece, limestone happened to be bountiful and it was the material that most structures were created from. And since marble was not only rare but for a few select islands, but very difficult to transport, it was used sparingly and usually only for ornamentation.

When it comes to early America, you will find that the saltbox houses where made from wood, which was readily available and it was easily to build, so it took practically no money at all to build one of these homes. You will find that the joints could have been put together with nails, but they were very expensive, so they were usually put together with wood joints.
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